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Bernie Sanders' People Powered Campaign
Why Vote For Progressives, For Both President and Congress?
Restoring America's social and economic vitality requires a competent, progressive U.S. Congress led by a competent progressive President

Progressive Democrats have not controlled the U.S. Congress for over two decades. Click on sessions to see the past thru current congressional mix.

Until the 112th Congress, many people mistakenly believed that Democrats held majority seats in Congress. The 111th Congress, beginning January 3, 2009, did not have a controlling Democratic majority. With Democrats having only 57 Senate seats and 60 needed to prevent a filibuster, GOP leadership deliberately obstructed democratic efforts to solve urgent national problems.

Also, since January 2008, they've supported a mass media disinformation campaign to foment angst among uninformed voters. Often they tell the public the opposite of what's really true. It's an adversarial and collaborative attempt to discredit the Obama Administration and to transfer GOP responsibility for past policy failures to the Democrats and Obama Administration.

The GOP's goal is to retain control of Congress and continue their long-term agenda, along with the failed policies that led to The Great Recession and the near collapse of the global economy.

The long-term GOP agenda is to give maximum advantage to the very wealthy and to large corporations.

Uninformed voters, manipulated by GOP disinformation, are the right-wing Republican's power base.

It gets worse, as this is not "politics as usual."
A few ultra-right billionaires and right-leaning corporations are attempting to gain control of Congress, by buying the elections for extremist candidates they support. These candidates are running under the GOP banner, but do not represent moderate Republicans.

This situation became possible on January 21, 2010, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizen's United vs FEC, ignoring a century of legal opinion on campaign financing. This ruling a) enables covert donations of unlimited funds to tax-exempt political organizations for campaign ads and thereby b) allows corporations or a wealthy few, for all practical purposes, to potentially buy elections.

In fact, right-wing tax-exempt organizations, such as Citizen's United and Americans For Prosperity (AFP), are receiving huge covert donations, far exceeding campaign funding levels ever before experienced in any election. Some are even out-spending the candidates they support! They are affirming the GOP disinformation and trying to buy control of Congress. Moreover, without exercising critical thinking, disinformed members of The Tea Party and the AFP, who believe they are acting as patriots, are in fact unwitting puppets of the covert donors to these organizations. Ultimately, these organizations are pursuing an agenda that protects the wealthy, big corporations and Wall Street, and that removes existing legislative protection of the rights of all Americans and the environment.

It's no surprise that GOP obstruction included, in September, 2010, blocking the "Disclose Act", which is legislation designed to counter the effects of the Supreme Court decision.

If we fail to elect a strong Progressive majority in Congress, our country will continue to be economically gutted by greedy, unprincipled and predatory capitalists. Many of our rights as Americans—to assured and affordable health insurance, to a clean and safe environment, to the freedom of choice when it comes to pregnancy or a marriage partner, and much more—would almost certainly be legislated away. And American democracy, once "for the people and by the people," will effectively devolve into a plutocratic corporatocracy, a government by and for large corporations and the extremely wealthy, with the country's social agenda driven by a fundamentalist Christian coalition dedicated to dissolving the separation of church and state.
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A call to action
Please invest a little time to forward this link to your friends, post it on a blog, print it, hand it out, leave it at a cafe, or tack it on a kiosk. And please talk to people about voting for Progressives.

Take a stand and vote! Help decide the future of your America. Let's make the change we want to see in the world! VOTE on November 6th!

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